A Great Ride
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As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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It was a long time ago, but Going to the Sun Highway through Glacier Park in Montana is amazing. I've done it three times with a bunch of other bikers. West to East is more difficult, but still not terrible.

The most amazing ride was an organized night ride with a nearly full moon and a cloudless sky.

Highly recommended!

cam landell

My favorite ride was a round trip on Surveyer's Ridge near Mount Hood Oregon with fantastic views of the mountain on fun rolling ridge sinle-track. I rode it pretty fast too after I found cougar track in the powdery dust of the trail.

Rudy Thibaudeau

One of my most memorable rides is in July 2006. I had sold my bike in 2001 when I got out of the Marines. I met some riders at work who convinced me to get another bicycle in July of 2006. My first ride in 5 yrs was gonna be an easy paced 35 miles. The ride started on Cave Creek road and Loop 101 in Phoenix, AZ. We turned on Scottsdale Rd. At this point my ride partners pulled far ahead. Since I figured it was gonna be an easy pace I did not get the ride route. I was not aware that they turned onto Pinnacle Peak Rd and looped back to Cave Creek Rd. I continued straight into Scottsdale. Well AZ is famous for dead end roads and loops. I did a lot of back tracking and finally got back to the start point. One of my ride partners kept calling to see if I wanted to get picked up. I told him to go home I will make it. My 35 mile trip turned out to be 54 miles. What a way to kickstart my riding again. Been on the bike since. Live in Kailua HI now. Much better scenery. I ride a 2001 Trek carbon(USPS version) ALOHA.

Sandra Dion

I have commuted several times by bike to work 25 miles round trip. The best part about it. approaching the beach as the sun rises. I always stop and just soak in the day. It makes a busy day so much easier to approach after riding in. I have ridden my Trek Madone. But I just picked up a 7.2FX for my commute I intend to ride as many days as possible. No excuses not too. . Ride Safe Be Happy

jon helbing

i was just up in La Crosse and rode up on the bluffs on easter weekend. i know they are not mountains but it is as close as i will come. They also have a great place to mountain bike, the human powered trails.

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