A Great Ride
photo of JB

As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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Spencer Morse


Thanks for this post and for an added personal touch to your dad and his legacy. I've had a thought on my mind for some time, and seeing this picture of you two on rando-style Treks has prompted me to pass my thought along to you. I have been thinking of Trek producing a Dick Burke memorial type bike, much like the ones in your photo. This would be a limited scope project, but a classic, steel-framed, raked-fork, brooks-saddled, full-coverage fendered road bike would be the idea. Something unique in today's market, something classic. I would love the opportunity to be selling this bike in our store.


Great story, thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading your blog. I'm getting ready for my first century to benefit LiveStrong in May and I've been looking and drooling over all those spiffy treks :) I just did a guest post of a great gal who rode independence pass and many other crazy rides including the 508.

Diane Young

John, it's been a long time. I didn't know Dick was gone, and I'm sorry to hear it. I had the privilege of being there pretty early in the growth cycle, and it would'nt have been possible without you, your Dad, Pat S., and a lot of other young 'uns with more drive and desire than time in the saddle. I hope you're well, and again - I'm really sorry to hear (even late) that your Dad is gone.
Diane (formerly Flanders) Young

Mary Jeanne Gunnare

Congratulations to you, John, for keeping your Dad's memories alive. I still think of him often and hope, before he died, that you told him how grateful I was and am for him and your Mom leading me to a good career, which I enjoyed for many years.
Congratulations again to you, John, for the great innovative job you have done at Trek. Your Dad is proud of you.

Steve Slattery

Thanks John for the posting of your Dad. I enjoyed seeing and hearing your Dad's stories. It brought back a lot of good memories. I also enjoyed reading your other postings, especially your favorite ride this year in Boston.

Lucy Praught

JB, I was thinking about you today and your honest expression of getting your ass kicked. We all have day's where this is our reality. I came across a quote and I thought it was so great I wrote it on my office wall so I would be reminded, "We all have the tremendous potential for good or ill. How we choose to use that power is up to us; but first we must choose to use it. 'You can't change the world'. But the world is changing everyday. The only question is...who is doing it? You or somebody else? Do you choose to lead...or be lead by others?" Although I didn't know your father his legacy for change lives on in Trek and in you. Thank you for your commitment to believing that great change can be found through the bicycle.


Very touching. You are lucky to have these excellent memories to look back at.

I am calling my Dad right now.


Hi John, Thanks for you candor and willingness to share. I only met your dad a couple times, being employed by other companies in the bike biz over the last thirty years, but each time I was struck by how present he was. Whether shaking hands with me as a snotty-nosed young salesguy or later, as D of M for a major competitor, he always projected that he was both glad to meet me and genuinely interested in what I had to say, even during just a few seconds of pleasantries. I continue to be impressed with him, his legacy, and how you've extended and built upon it. Thanks again for sharing so much of yourself.

Julie (Schaefer) Bridwell

Thanks for sharing John.
I personally know it is hard to loose a parent, esp a father. Your dad rocked and am so excited for your family to continue the dream. Not many companies do that.


JB, thanks for posting the video, what a great guy and a pleasure to hear his voice again. The first time I met him, in college in 1981, I was surprised how little he resembled the corporate type, in appearance anyway, but what a visionary and a true gentleman too. Hope all is well with you and your family and your company.

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