A Great Ride
photo of JB

As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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This is the kind of action that sets Trek apart from many other companies. I was fortunate to be at the factory last July, and you will see everyone in the cafeteria, no matter what their position is. This showed me that it truly is one large family there.

fred young

Thanks John .... I prefer the term "hand crafted" .... your honor means so much to all those that have been touched by Chris


I am a friend of the Funk family - and I have to say that they have opened my eyes to what a fantastic company Trek is.

Thank you for being such a great role model for how a company should participate in it's employees life.

Jordy Loeb

I love your bikes, but it is your concern for the community and your people that will always make Trek my first choice.

Thank you for supporting Chris and his family. I know the support goes much deeper than magic marker on paper demonstrates.

Jennifer Stasrk

I am a proud neighbor of the Funk family. John is spot on describing Chris and his family. Chris is one in a million!

Thanks TREK for being supportive and going the extra mile during this difficult time for the Funk family. YOU GUYS ROCK!

I will continue to purchase Trek bikes and spread the word how amazing you are as a company and community.

Stefanie VanZee

Want you to know I love what you(TREK) are doing for Chris and his family. When Brandi told everyone to buy TREK bikes for the rest of our lives, I took her seriously and just gifted our son with a Trikester(which is unbelieveably cool). You're actions speak volumes.


Hoping my daughter, for her 9th birthday will decide to get back on a bike. Have looked at many options.. but given the heart and soul I know you have supported the Funks with will have me heading over to Trek. What a wonderful gift you have given the family with all your support. Although, they are tough ones to NOT want to do everything possible to get behind. love you, funks. xoxo,
Carleen & Ailee

Pepe from Laredo,tx age 44

ah Lance yesterday was horriable but u stayed in their today i cant believe it, lost time, come on an show everyone u still can, im 44 just buoght my first real trek bike 3700 series, well its only 349 but i love it an now i know why cycleing is awsome just started an am addicted to it, good luck lance ur the reason i started getting back in shape an now down to 160, live strong and go strong...


Thank you for honoring our dear friend Chris. And for showing your heart in the process.


I'll be buying my first Trek road bike today!! WSD 2.1, VERY excited, although a little sad... my small way of honoring Chris and his enthusiasm for making the most of life. Thank you for all the support the Trek family has given the Funks.


good stuff man. I may just have to look at a Trek for my next dh frame.

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