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photo of JB

As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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Steven Toby

I would love to buy a Trek electric assist bike for my wife, who was born with heart problems. The problem is, they are all sized too big for her, as she is all of 4'-10" on her tiptoes. She would need a minimum 13" frame or preferably something on 24" wheels. I currently have her on a 14" Trek Navigator and it is too big for her. I hope you can expand the scope of this product to include more riders.

Dan O

Wow - that's awesome.

As a "real" cyclist, I always thought electric bikes were kind of goofy. Not any more, for certain people they make total sense. They still get exercise, get outside, and can keep up with more serious cyclists.

For general transportation, also really valuable - the perfect vehicle for many trips - for folks who may not normally ride a bike.

We need more of these bikes in the US - with people riding 'em instead of driving.

Ken Sanders

Steven Toby you can get the same ride on with a Bion X electric assist which is the same as what is on the trek electric bikes and yes you can get the kit on a 2o" wheel or 24" wheel to Contact myself at sanderskd@accesscomm.ca as i am a Dealer for Bion x love to help

Paul Habib

I have been an avid recreational road rider for years and this will make it possible for my wife to join me AND... kick my butt on rides. I have been awaiting this technology and I'm pleased to see Trek taking it to the next level.


I completely agree! I found out about the trek electrics from a blog post on a cycling blog. I drove the 2 hours to the nearest dealer, took a test drive & drove home with one. It is honestly, the best bike I have ever ridden. I use it primarily as a commuter, and have already ridden more days this year than I did last year. I find myself using it for trips where I used to take the car. I think it is only a matter of time before they really catch on. Hopefully as the Trek Ride + program expands, more people will be exposed to them.

B Nicholson

Electric velomobiles, TREK!

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