A Great Ride
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As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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Rick McHale

I am an avid cyclist and an enthusiast of the TDF. I am a huge Lance fan and and rooting for him this year in the TDF. I did know Chris Funk, but I am always deeply impacted when I hear that someone has succumbed to the despicable power of cancer. In 1999, in the span of 1 week I lost my older sister and her 7 year old daughter to the disease. Please pass along to Chris's family my heartfelt compassion for their loss and let them know that while the loss will never go away the pain will be less over time. Continue to fight as a family against this incideous disease. I hope that his family will be able to come together & support one another through this time. Please stay strong and know that in time we will prevail over cancer. You are correct, his spirit will live in the hearts and minds of those that loved and cared for him. My regards to Chris's family and friends.

John Novikoff

My families hearts and prayers are with Chris's family. Hard to hear of someone so young being taken. I know his brother and can't begin to understand. Take care Chris.

Maggie Schutz, Madison, WI

We loved Chris so much, and we know he felt the same way about you. You've got our family's business for life.

Gil Funk

JB - we've never met but know you have been a great leader and supporter of Chris, Brandi and family. Thanks, Gil Funk - Brandi's dad

Adam Schloesser

John - Your support and encouragement as a friend to the Funk's and leader of Trek has helped us all in a very special way. Chris had a special place for you in his big heart. A friend of Chris' is a friend of mine.

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