A Great Ride
photo of JB

As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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I'm excited about this. There are a few other models that are very similar, but they aren't widely distributed. You can do an amazing amount of car displacement if you add one of these to your family.

Dan O

Awesome bike - adding the electric assist as stock is great. I can see using this bike as the grocery getter and all around work horse.

Also for the basically non-riding spouse to keep up the other half during rides. Super cool.

Being a "real" cyclist (whatever that means) - commuter, roadie wanna be, mountain biker and the (very) occasional racer - used to think electric bikes were cheating. Over the last few years, have totally changed my view. Electric powered bike are perfect for various uses.

Hell, I'd consider one to goof around with. I now bike commute 34 miles a day (round trip). I occasionally need to drive for several reasons, including needing a rest day, if I've ridden hard many days in a row. Instead of driving, could crank up the electric cargo bike instead. Could be fun !


It lacks fenders and lights.
Trek makes a lot of bicycles. It makes some of the most impressive mountain and road bicycles, but when urban/utility is the subject, it seem that Trek stops a couple of steps from achieving perfection.
Why disk when we can have Magura?
Why no front suspension if you make the Bontrager 30mm?
Sometimes I'd think it would've been better if Diamant have bought Trek, not the opposite...

bob young

I remember those heavyduty bikes the grocer used to ride to deliver things to my Granny.I'd like to see one loaded....wood,building materials etc.......show us a working photo.Thanks,RollTide.


I want one buy my bike shop says they have to order 3 electric assist bikes to get one for me to see. I think they are afraid they will get stuck with them. My buddy has Kona's and said he could get a Ute in for me to see. Come on guys, make it easy on the dealer. I think your bike looks better.


FedEx Freight delivered a 17" Transport to the shop last week. I took a few photos and posted them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cold_iron/sets/72157625272505503/


@ Carsten Do you plan on carrying a tent, small animal, camping gear and ("normal" day/evening wear) cloths on your back in your back-pack? Talk about comparing apples with oranges. lol

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