A Great Ride
photo of JB

As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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Congrats on the position Louis. I wish it was that easy to get into Trek, I've been applying for two years and have even started an MBA degree hoping it will help me get into the company.

Dan O

Louis - welcome to the work world.

As you've discovered, having contacts and networking is the way to roll and a super important skill to have.

You've got a great opportunity - take advantage of it. Good luck and do well.


That easy? Perhaps you're missing the bigger point of the story. It doesn't sound like Louis has had an easy step along the way. Perhaps he's benefited from serendipity, but that's as far as I'd take it. Good luck Louis.

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