A Great Ride
photo of JB

As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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Geronimo olvera

What a great partnership between two champions in the sport of cycling.

Geronimo O
San Antonio, TX

Julius P. Sotomil

He's simple inspiring.... a true legend... :)

cindy graf

Thank you for sharing those great moments. You and Trek should be proud for recognizing a True Champion when they see one. LIVESTRONG

Account Deleted

wanna be like Lance , lot more complicated than just loosing weight ;)

Griffith Moore

I crashed racing motocross back in the day and for rehab for my injuries I had to ride on a stationary bike. Although my injuries weren't comparable to cancer I had those words "You'll never walk or ride again.." I busted my balls and Lance's books helped get me through. I started up cycling, was able to compete in the top grade here in Aus, travelled to USA and competed in ICC Superweek and had amazing experiences along the way (got a tour around the Trek factory [cheers Deziel]) and I owe it to Lance. I don't ride much anymore but still feel that killer instinct in the work place.
Thanks Lance. You're a legend.


What a great partnership!
More power to Trek and Lance, my hat's off to you. You are truly a champ in all aspect.

Phil Gonzales

Thank you Lance, cycling changed my life and you're right, "it's not about the bike".

Randy Potter

Great top 5 list, John.

Carl Pfranger

I never realized he broke the chain stay back on 03... Thats just so incredible. Good Luck!


A great partnership that represents what Americans can do when they put their heads together and work towards a common goal. I ride nothing but Trek bikes. American designed, American tested, and "TEXAN" proved! lol American ingenuity at its best!

Mars Abantao

I believe in Lance...thanks for the ride! :D

David Elam

Trek and Lance; they are a natural fit (like 2 peas in a pods or like p-nut butter and jelly..they just make the other better!

Gary  Gulliver

I am a cancer survivor, and a TREK bike rider, and a serious Lance Armstrong fan. He is my vote for athlete of the century. Full stop

Maura Wilson

My husband was a huge fan and a part of the Ride for Roses pelaton every year. The first year after Lance's Tour win, my husband purchased the bike Lance designed and road down the Champ de elysees for his victory lap. I still have the bike and cherish it since my husband died of cancer. Lance was a great inspiration and I have photos of him and my husband and myself all over my home to remind me of the message of hope and life.

Vince Hanly

A legend in his own time as will Trek's substantial contribution a bit cliche but will be remembered for many generations. True grit and inspiring and pushes and motivates us all!

Adam Morka

Such a great read, and what a inspiration.

Riding San Diego

The best on the best. Thanks for all you have done for the sport of cycling Getting back into riding has changed my life and who I am.

Paul G Farnham

I only started cycling last summer when I watched the Tour de France on TV. Watching it inspired me to go and buy a Madone and now I can't stay off it!! I'm nearly 50 and feel fitter than when I was 30!! I think anyone who completes a Tour is superhuman but Lance is the modern day Muhammed Ali of cycling for me.

Jim Thiede

I can't figure out who has more class- Lance or Trek, Lance will always be one of my hero's and my family and I will never ride anything other than a Trek.


So great to hear some of the best stories about Lance and Trek. Thanks for sharing John! Cheers, to the end of an amazing career! It's been a wonderful ride to witness.

Paul Hudson

I Live in the UK , my wife is a breast cancer survivor and at the age of 45 after reading Lance's stories , I bought a TREK , and Im reborn and nearly two stone lighter


I remember first following Lance back in the Team Motorola days, I was just a kid but impressed by a tremendous athlete. I never would have realized this same person would be a terrific inspiration for me years later, having survived radiation, surgery, and all that comes with it.

Lance and Trek, thank you both.

Slim Jim

Thanks for sharing your list of memories. Life is always based on a make or break decision.

Rolando F Arniella

Lance you are the best tour de France rider ever and there is no doubt about that , all this haters and rats trying to bring you down now is just typical of them they are just that . What you have accomplish and all the good you have done and still doing is watt matters at the end of the day ,hope you get to read this .

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