A Great Ride
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As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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ericka lozano

i'll be adding this to my wish list, which currently also includes a madone, remedy, and a cruiser. ;)

John Callahan

This would be a great bike to go to the beach with all that gear that family need. Coolers, folding chairs, towels, maybe a cranky kid. I think you have the minivan of bicycles.


Nice advertising gimmick!

J Spencer

Cool bike!! I want one!!!


super cool bike, I want one. I would think the world would buy one, especially bicycle specific use countries - I imagine the cost puts it out of range for many, even if it were a couple of hundred dollars let alone whatever it is you guys might be asking. Bikes like these are the future either way!


cole bates

i could use it to get carry wood for bates crates and i little birdie told me that it has the same rack as the Belleville to crate i build for the Belleville will fit perfect.

John M

I want one when I retire from the Air Force and move back to Wis. great for doing stuff around the city

Joel B

This looks like the perfect single track trail maintenance tool hauler. I cannot wait to try one. I hope they are at the demo

Bob Gries

It looks a lot better than the Surly Xtracycle and is motorized with the best kit--Bionx which I have owned. The competition is around $1700 without the motor, I think.

greg welton

As cool as that bike is: it will not fit in my apartment. You need a garage to store it. I will stick with my Burley Trovois.


more good if i can get free one of the mtb..

shubho sengupta

Great for Indian roads.

Marty Weigel

I'm with Joel B... if this thing is trail worthy could be the perfect solution for MTB trail building and maintenance.

Stefan Berggren

Hi John,

Stefan here from Engineering... I have built up one of the first proto-types and have been riding it for a couple weeks now. I cannot tell you the number of people who have come up and asked me about this bike. I feel like a Transport ambassador for this bike.....This ride is a perfect excuse to leave the car keys at home and ride to the grocery store. My kids ride on the modified back and love to be chauffeured around the bike path. It is a great bike to get people back on the bike, which is exactly what we as a company have been focusing on for so long. Long live the Transport !!!

billy bob

My girlfriend would be offended.

Craig S.

I just sent Jennifer an email. My wife has the Valencia+ and LOVES it. I wanted the GF Transport+ and its greater capacity. My dealer says it will be at least late October before we could get one. I'm very interested in buying one and think Trek has a winner here.


It is an nice idea, but I think it is more versatile to ride a mountainbike plus carring a trekking backpack for heavy goods. I'm passing the summer without a car on French Yeu Island in the Atlantic this way.

Bill Winn

I would buy one.


Saw it at TW and LOVED it! It's the future of tailgating!


It's a copy of the Xtracycle or the Big Dummy by Surly. If they ride like those mentioned it will be fun.


I will send Jennifer an email - HOWEVER, the poor thing, does she have such a public forum for "paybacks"?!
This bike sounds absolutely AWESOME!


Sent a note to Jennifer. Was hoping she could be more helpful as to where to see one in person. This is exactly what I could use alot, so being able to see one in person would be a big help. In the Saint Louis, MO area, but would be willing to travel to Chicago or any other nearby city to at least give it a demo.

Mike C

Two for our shop--one for the floor, one an EP purchase for me and my wife...

Mark V.

After riding this bike at TW the first word to jump in my head was "Viable". Extremely useful, I think it should be available as a stand alone bike from the rest of the + series bikes.

Tim Gale

I think J.B. & I both need something larger than a 20" frame.

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