A Great Ride
photo of JB

As the president of Trek Bicycle, I’d like to share my stories about interesting people, places, and the bicycle with hope of inspiring you to find your great ride.


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Lew Patton

A great movement John. I am a senior at Northwood University in Texas, and reading about the Trek Company n my text book "International Management" by Carl Rodrigues.
I have some idea I would like to share with you regarding bicycle safety. It's time we bring this issue to the forefront more, if possible. I plan to do my part in pieces on my blog. LewPBlog.com . Thanks for the motivation to start my pilot program to create better bicycle safety for riders.

Roger Portis

I also was caught by a Hit and Run Driver.I lost all memory.Hospital bill close to $50,000. I was on my work home on a sunny day wearing a red jacket and a yellow safety vest.Reflectors on my bike. My family found me walking the streets my helmet still on cracked in four places. I'm back on my bike and still commuting to work and home. I'm 63 years old, with two hip replacements on right side.

Rodney Caldwell

I feel the lost when a fellow
cyclist gets hit, because it has happen to me.

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